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MARCH 20-23, 2020 (Concert date March 22 - 7:00pm)


If you do not see your question below please contact us at or call 615.775.1088


How do I register?

  • Register with $150 initial non-refundable deposit to secure your place in the group.

  • Register online after April 15 or call 615.775.1088.

  • Remaining balance will be paid in three payments due July 1, 2019, Nov 1, 2019 and Feb 1, 2020.

  • Deposit payments are not automatically drawn from your account.  Participants will login to registration and initiate each payment.  Reminders will be sent.


How will we travel to Washington,D.C.?

  • Participants will be responsible for personal travel arrangements (airfare / airport transfers) It’s suggested that friend groups book flights together so hotel transfer expense (uber/taxi) can be shared. We recommend you plan travel to arrive in DC early as possible to maximize your time in the city. Check in is 3pm, but rooms are usually available earlier. If not, the hotel provides bag storage and you can enjoy tourism while your room is being prepared.

  • We suggest using DCA Washington Reagan Airport (it is the closest to our downtown hotel location)

May I extend my stay before and/or after the concert?

  • Yes. You are welcome to add nights to your stay at our group rate of $298 per night/per room (this cost may be shared between roommates). You may extend up to two nights before and after your package stay; to add more than two nights, contact our office to make arrangements.

If I’m singing in the Choir can I share a room with someone who isn’t singing? (non-performers sharing rooms with singers)?

  • YES! Non-performing spouses, family members or friends are welcome to register and enjoy the trip with a participating singer.

  • Registrants need to determine who will be the primary registrant to setup the room and will register the information for each person in the room.

  • During registration you will be asked to indicate if you are a singer or non-performer


For Singers, who will coordinate sharing a room with other singers/friends in the choir?

  • One person in each room needs to initiate the registration and will include the names and email of the other singers or non-performers in the room. The Primary Registrant will be asked if they are 100% financially responsible for all members in the room or if each person will pay their own expense.

  • If each person is paying their own expense (in a room) the system will send an email to each person listed in the registration, inviting them to that registration and allowing them to accept the terms and make their own deposit payments.

  • If you would like to be paired with other participants, we may be able to help you with that request. Call our office and we can discuss options for pairing to help keep your costs down.


Can I use air-miles to travel?

  • Yes. All travel is solely up to your choosing. Using miles/points is a good way to minimize costs.


Can I invite a friend from another city to join our group?

  • Yes. You may invite friends/family from anywhere to join as a singer or non-performer.


What is the concert attire?

  • All black. Ladies in pants or dresses (no sleeveless and dresses must be below the knees - legs must be covered with pants, dress, skirt, or hosiery). Minimal jewelry. No perfume. Men - black slacks, black shirt, black tie (long or bow), black shoes and socks (no jackets).


Is music provided for the concert?

  • Yes, music will be provided in advance, via email, with instructions for printing your book. Singers will learn their parts prior to travel to DC. Our rehearsals in DC are for polishing the music. We may be able to provide some rehearsal tracks for singers, but not guaranteed.


Can I get a refund if I cancel my package reservation?

  • Registration Terms and Conditions includes information about refunds in the event of cancellation. The initial deposit is non-refundable and other deposit refund options are based on the timing of the cancellation related to the start of the event.

  • We recommend Travel Insurance if you are concerned that your travel may be interrupted for any reason. Travel insurance is available from many companies and can be found with a simple online search. True North Presents does not provide travel insurance.

  • Refer to Registration Terms and Conditions for cancellation details.


Will there be a lot of walking in DC?

  • Our host hotel is centrally located in Downtown Washington DC with many major attractions within a short walking distance).

  • All locations that are part of our itinerary are within walking distance. We will provide transportation to The Kennedy Center and back to our hotel. Uber, Subway and Cab transportation is available for optional activities that may be farther from our hotel. If you have limitations walking you will have taxi and subway options available to you. We will provide bus transportation to our post-concert Celebration Reception.


What’s the cost of tourism in DC?

  • Many attractions in DC are free to the public.

  • You can easily fill up your free time and not spend anything for admission.


Do I audition to join the choir? Is there an age limit?

  • No audition necessary. If you have previous choral experience and have the ability to learn the music we send in advance, you are welcome to join our worship choir.

  • We do not have an age limit, however, all singers must meet the requirement above. If a singer is younger than 13 years old, we will want to know specifically their experience and level of confidence for an event of this scale.

  • Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

How much music will the choir be learning/singing?

  • You will be expected to learn your parts on 12-15 song selections before traveling to Washington DC. Our choir will perform with on 60-70% of the concert.


How long is the concert?…do we stand the entire time?

  • The concert will be 2 hours and 20 minutes with a 20 minute intermission. Singers will be able to sit intermittently throughout the concert. We are able to accommodate any singers with physical needs or disabilities.


What about meals and additional entertainment/tourism?

  • If your travel schedule / plans should allow, added free time to enjoy other entertainment activities would be at your leisure. For meals, you are free to plan your dining options in DC – there are numerous meal options within walking distance of our host hotel at all price points.

  • Our hotel is conveniently located next to a food court with several meal options.


What is the tentative itinerary for the event?  See SCHEDULE



  • Travel and transfers are coordinated by individual participants

  • Be sure to check on your flight status before travel, watch for schedule changes and anticipate possible delays.



  • JW Marriott Hotel; 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20004, 202.393.2000

  • Check-in at our True North Courtesy Desk in the JW Marriott Lobby.

  • Then you will check-in at the hotel front desk and receive your room keys



  • Expect cool-mild temperatures in MARCH



  • If you are concerned about weather, health or any other personal issues that may interrupt your travel to DC, you may want to consider a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is available through many companies and can be found with a simple online search. True North Presents does NOT offer travel insurance, however, participants should consider using a third-party provider if you feel travel insurance may be appropriate.


  • Meal choices in every price range can be found within short walking distance of our hotel.

  • The JW Marriott Hotel has a restaurant inside the lobby and connected Food Court



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